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The hard truth is that training for the Olympics requires a total and complete investment of time, resources, and energy from all Canadian athletes. No Canadian athlete would succeed without the generous donations of their supporters. No donation is too small or overlooked. All supporters are noticed and thanked! This dream is only made possible by people like you. Thank YOU!

This next season will cost:



Overall the balancing act is a challenge at the best of times. I need your help, there is no way around it.

PHASE 1: $5000 Calgary Training

this first phase will go toward the following:

- Season fees (run volume, equipment rental, gym access, treatment, supplements)

PHASE 2: $7500 R&D Travel

Once Phase 1 is raised the next Phase will support:

- Travel to other tracks (order to be determined based on training progress) in North America: Park City, Utah | Lake Placid, New York | Whistler, British Columbia

- Continue equipment R&D with runner variations

PHASE 3: $7500 World Championships

This is the final phase of the season which focuses on:

- World Championships which are being held in Whistler, British Columbia in March

- Final equipment R&D during post-season sliding

- Initial stages of off-season training (physical assessments & rehab, de-training, etc.)